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Mortgagor Assist

You don't need to hear sugar-coated platitudes from us, if you are in a negative cash-flow situation. If you are unable to pay your mortgage, read on.

Mortgagor Assist is a new project designed to help real estate owners deal with the current negative financial conditions. There are things a mortgagor can do. We can help you set a path to follow or help you act.

There are eight possible ways to deal with your mortgage problem. Mortgage Assist, of course, wants to earn money by helping you, but you are in control and nothing is done without your understanding and approval.

In the last analysis, your last possible move is our step eight - we arrange for a purchase of your real estate. The general rule of thumb is our buyers will pay 70% of the current appraised value. There may be other small fees, as well.

We tell you this up-front, so you are working with real information. We do not deal in tricks or use mirrors. Indeed, there is no reason for that, unless you are a fraud from the outset. There are things you can and should do NOW and we can explain the options and what could be done, as you desire. If you do not want to proceed, that is your right.

That said, we find mortgagors, especially home owners, are not realistic about their problems. You can watch the nightly news and see large companies, even banks, make a decision that the numbers show they cannot continue, so within a week, they are either bankrupt or finalizing a deal with the government or an investor.

In business you can cash a dividend check in good years or stop the bleeding in bad times. Whatever you do, it is just business. Home owners often can't think like that because they are dealing with their HOME. However, you had better back away from the stress and make a hard, financial decision.

If money problems are serious, your home has become just business. If you do not arrive at that understanding, then events will take over - you lose your control and, probably, your home and credit rating. As an active homeowner, you still have some leverage with the lender - do not give it away by doing nothing.

If you are going to lose money or lose paper profits you thought you had, so? Is the answer to lose more?

If you have to eject or go down with the plane, is there a decision? It doesn't matter that you don't want to jump from the plane or that you may be injured doing so, when the option is to ride the planeinto the ground. It is that simple; in bad times do what has to be done and move on. Don't make things worse through inaction or confused action.

Many people who are in financial distress decide, finally, to file for bankruptcy. The most stressful part of that whole procedure is admitting one cannot produce enough money to stay in the black. You may not have to file for bankruptcy, but the stress is the same, if you are in financial distress.

Once a person files for relief, the next day she or he realize a great weight has lifted. People stop harassing them. The bankrupt can start to look for new work, a new place to live, a new life in an orderly and pressure-free life. So too, realizing it is time to act regarding a mortgage is difficult, but a decision that must be addressed.

So, if you want us to help you analyze your financial position or to help you take action, give us a call or drop an email. We are located and working in New York, but we can still help.

Our consultation is free and we are glad to work through your numbers, but we are a business, so we are not providing information as a public service. We will help you understand the "game" and explain what is happening, but it is you decision to act. We will not pressure you - that is in no one's interest.